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The Algarve is Portugal’s most southern region and most popular touristic destination – almost 10 million people visit it every year, most visits accure on the south coast between Lagos and Faro. Tourism on the west coast is much more diverse, less concentrated.  Activity based.

 The Algarve extends from the spanish border in the East along the south coast south to Cape St Vincent in the east and up the west coast North to Odiaxere.  The length of the south-facing coastline is approximately 155 kilometres and the west coast is roughly 70km.
Its highest point is Fóia, at 902 metres, part of the mountains of Monchique.   The coastline is notable for picturesque limestone caves and grottoes, long beaches and beautiful sea cliffs. It is also home to a big variety of beaches, from small and quiet beaches of the Vicentina Natural Park (from Lagos to Odiacexe) to big, sandy extensions in Alvor ou Falésia.

Temperatures: fluctuates between 25 °C and 40 °C in the summer but on the west coast rarely gets over 35 °C with the Alantic cooling breeze.  Night time temperatures are pleasant, blanket needed. Winter, Spring and Autumn temperatures are moderate 15-23 °C.

Rain:  over 300 rain free days per year. Most like months for rain, January & Febuary, chances thunderstorms October, November March.
Rain is generally brief, a few hours. It will rain for a day or 2  once or twice a year.

Getting here:
Closest airport, Faro. All budget airlines fly to Faro, Ryan Air, EasyJet, Air Berlin, Tui.
There is cheap car hire at faro. Good local car hire is:
 It is also possible to take a transfer or bus  from Faro to Vila do Bispo or Pedralva.

We use a local transfer company, contact us for details.

Goals, impact, ecolodge
Aqua-ventura Eco Retreat is a 150 acre bush property, set in the middle of the Algrve's Cape St Vincent national park close to the village of Pedralva.
Guests are welcome to explore the property.

We are very keen to make our impact on the environment as small as possible. We work within Vicentine Coast Natural Park, Portugal’s largest protected area, and so abide by strict regulations set out by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature. Our leaders take active steps to ensure our groups behave in an environmentally responsible manner, such as sticking to established trails as to prevent path erosion and not leaving anything behind in terms of litter or removing any plants. By travelling with us you are contributing to these goals.

We recycle glass, plastic, paper, metal and food and because we produce our energy from sun we operate with a very low carbon output and very little waste. This of course is a bonus because you are spending your holiday greener for the same value with no strain on the planet. Of course we ask our workers, visitors & guests to help us realize this and stick to this attitude. We’ll ask you too to attain an ecological attitude.

Since we acquire most of our energy from the sun, our supply is limited to what nature gives us. As such, we must ask everyone to be kind to our system; heavy electricity usage and the use of high-consumption appliances – such as irons, hair dryers, etc. – will quickly drain our power supply. If you require the use of such items, we have special, low energy ones we can provide when needed. Of course, this doesn’t mean to say you’ll be sat in the dark if the sun isn’t out; we will always provide energy, but it’s part of the experience to be conscious of your usage. The same goes for water.

Buildings: In 2014 the property was abandonned, buildings have been rebuilt using different natural meterials to best integrate into the surrounding nature. All cottages have beautiful views and private spaces, with minimum environmental, impact built using as many local materials as possible stylish "green: buildings.

This is a nature-lovers retreat, and would suit anyone wanting a truly comfortable and stylish accommodation experience whilst also enjoying the peace and adventure that such a bush setting offers.

If you have any questions, please contact us by filling out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.
Alternatively, you can give us a call or even drop by and visit us – we hope to see you soon!

  Send Us a Message

Send Us a Message

Employment: assistant guide needed for, July, August.
If you love the outdoors and activities, or wish to gain experience or think it is a career you may like to follow, send us a brief message, with your motivations.
1) You will need a valid drivers license..
2) Be active in some kind of outdoor activity already.
3) Be prepared for physical exercise

Contact us if you are would like to join us for 2018 summer.

We except volunteers most months of the year. There are many different functions. we are always busy on something exciting, building something, planting, making a lake.
we also need help in the guest house March-October. do you like cooking, baking, being apart of a small team. Fresh herbs, green salads, banana bread, cakes.

Summer Gardener: We are looking for somebody special to take over the vegetable garden for this season. If you have green fingers, have other gardening knowledge or would like the chance to run a vegetable garden send us  a short message and we can send you more information. We are looking for somebody who is passionate about growing... finds pleasure in working with plants.

Where are here...

We are situated on the west coast close to the village of Pedralva.
10km from Vila do Bispo. 23km to Lagos and 103km to Faro airport.
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