Aqua Ventura

The freedom of the ocean and the rugged wilderness is what drew us to this beautiful place.
A few days on holiday and the rest of the world's hustle and bustle slips away...beaches, cafes, smells of fresh baked fish, red, orange and gold as the sun dips below the water, wild surf, black sea cliffs, thick salty sea air.
Explorers called this "the end of the world", there still exists a feeling of remoteness, wildness, unknown and adventure.
The area is quite mystical, ancient megaliths dot the countryside. Towns with names such as Sagres (sacred) harbour the old forts and churches of the middle age explorers.
Aqua Ventura repects  this history, following this feeling of adventure with aim at creating special holidays for everybody, whether it is  staying in our beautiful eco lodge or helping you catch your first wave or out on a walking trip, trekking the back country, living free, exploring, relaxing, just having fun.

Making moments close to nature

Published articles and video's
Aqua Ventura is been running for 15 years and has received many great articles, reviews & videos, here are some of them.

What people say about us

Happy customer
Our family had an amazing adventure in southern Portugal. We biked, kayaked, surfed, rock climbed, swam and traveled all over the southwestern part of the Algarve. The food was amazing and the host family was delightful. I highly recommend aqua ventura for an active family who wants to have fun, try new things, and learn about a different part of the world from knowledgeable hosts.
By the end of the week you will feel like part of the family and be
plotting your return.
Susannah Washburn
Happy customer
Jonny and Violeta, thanks so much for a lovely holiday, trying to pretend we are still on holiday back at home :) I loved the quiet, and the relaxed pace of activities, you always seemed to just know what we'd like to do and for how long. Thomas so enjoyed the company of your lovely children and is already asking when we can come back. We will see you again for sure.
The Berries x
Alison Molyneux Berry
Happy Customers
I wasn’t sure quite what to expect when I agreed to go on holiday with my family (incl. 3 younger brothers) at nearly 21 years old but I can 100% say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I know that very few 17/18+ year old's would ever consider a holiday with their parents but this place is something else entirely. For the first time in years I was able to entirely forget about exams/university and just relax. The activities, the food, the location… Everything was amazing and the chilled atmosphere allowed me to be a part of both the ‘adult group’ and also to just be a kid again. Jonny, Vio & their team were amazing and I cannot thank them enough for an absolutely fantastic week!
Lydia Fasey
Happy customer
An amazing experience with old school down to earth adventure, family and community. I only have fond memories and feels like a home to me. There is a very good reason that Jonny and Vio have so many returning customers. Visit them and you will understand.
Dawid Mocke
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