Schools, Scouts & Pursuits Program

Schools, Scouts & Pursuits Programs

Aqua Ventura has developed strong relationships with different schools, colleges, universities and scout groups through our independent & creative student pursuits programmes.
Each program is designed individually so that your group gets what it needs.
The importance of travelling to a natural environment while being challenged through different activities is an important tool for child and human development.
Encouraging children to develop both physically and mentally gives children a broader foundation to over come fears, learn new skills, real time problem solving , interact within a new culture. Socialise outside the comforts of known environments.

What we offer: 
Skill development through activity

Leadership exercises, each child has his or her own leadership skills. These skills are exercised through fun activities and challenges.
Group exercises, the importance of working together is critical in the outdoors.. Safely relies on good communication and understanding within the group
Kayaking, rhythmic constant movement, activates both the brain and builds mental and physical strength to over come challenges
Hiking and orientation, time to explore within a group while challenging oneself personally.
Climbing,  is an (in the moment activity).  Learn to find the correct rhythm according to individual needs, abilities and fears. Overcome personal fears. Learn to rationalise correctly the difference between fear and danger.
Surfing, water, an important element for all life on earth. To enjoy the ocean is to  experience freedom( there are no external thoughts), but still to have responsibility.  Personal safety is always in the balance if we do not do focus on the conditions and environment around us. Continuous assessment, Respect, care, health, observation,skill, awareness are all actions that will be constantly used  or learnt when we go in the ocean.

Living in sustainable environment. bringing awareness to the importance of creating a sustainable world where ever we live and who ever we are.
Gardening, food is an essential part of living. we help students understand where food comes from, how it is grown, engaging in discussions on different ways of growing food in the modern world including modern and creative ideas.
Yoga, Physical and mental subtleness are important for a healthily mind and body.


Welcoming you into our home – for a real experience of Portuguese rural life.
Personalised attention – we offer alternative adventures for small groups of like minded people.
Respect for local culture and environment. We are aware of and gentle towards the environment at all times.
Professional and organised, and adaptable to individual
group needs.
Value for your time and money.
Providing relaxation, enjoyment, fun and adventure.
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