Violeta and her team have been catering for many years now & one of her greatest inspirations is to take wholesome, healthy foods grown or produced or fished in the region and transform them into delicious meals.

Our home, and yours while you stay with us, is always filled with the comforting smells of freshly baked bread, grilling vegetables or meats, the smokey aromas of pizza baking in our oven or hints of sugar and spice and chocolate - we are healthy, but we know chocolate is an important part of life! - that will become a tasty dessert treat.

We love food; good food is one of our greatest pleasures in life. We believe that the better, the fresher, the more naturally produced the original products, the higher the quality of the meals we serve. We strive to produce recipes that are in harmony with the environment; no pesticides or non organic fertilisers. Planting our veggie garden is a labour of love and we believe that when you eat a bowl of crunchy salad straight from our garden, you will taste that love.

A catch-phrase in South Africa is "local is lekker”. It means local is great and it's this greatness we search for when we visit shops and markets and our own pantry to produce meals for our guests.

Herbs, spices, fresh food and an inspiration to cook means that the food always goes down a hit… We can cook delicately spiced meat dishes, exotic vegetarian meals, tasty vegan and gluten-free feasts - we can make you something special, whatever your needs & desires.

A tasty surprise for us this winter was the discovery that our farm produces an array of the most incredible edible mushrooms.

Read what Karen Williams, a well known American Author, had to say about our food.

The food at Aqua Ventures is as unique and enticing as the landscapes where it is served. Vio loves to cook and her skills in the kitchen as well as her enthusiasm for family makes your stay at Aqua Ventures a most special and always inviting one. Here you are one of the family, an honour indeed. Serving simple and creative fare, Vio and Jonny can make the most of what the local markets have to offer. In fact a trip to the fresh foods market with Vio is a treat in itself. Help choose from the fresh fruits and vegetables in season as well as fruit from the sea and livestock from the area. Vendors will offer you a taste to wet the appetite.

A packed lunch of thick sandwiches of local cheese and vegetables on fresh bread or add meat, your choice with fruit, and a block of Jonny’s favorite chocolate will fill you up on a hike or a day at the beach. You might want to join in the camaraderie of meal preparation or just sit back and listen to the singing and chatter and take in the aromas.

For dinner wine is always available and makes a perfect match for a vegetable or seafood paella. There is always a lush salad, garnished with olives and nuts. Roasted peppers and potatoes aptly seasoned often round out a meal. Happy the evening a home-made pizza with local seasoning and vegetable or seafood and meat toppings baked in the outdoor brick, stone oven built by Jonny himself is on the menu. You will want to taste a slice of each variety and go back for more.

Perhaps a woofer will take over the meal preparation & you will be treated to a surprise dish from France, Denmark or Israel.

A chocolate cake or fruit tart might top off the meal with tea and coffee. You will never have the same meal twice unless you request it but you have a difficult time deciding on which was your favorite… and perhaps you will want to be surprised with yet another new delectable selection instead.

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